ROI CASE STUDY: Save Time and Money with the CWT Application Table

In performing our due diligence on this product, we performed our own tests to verify the 70% increase in production speed claimed by CWT Worktools. We found their claims to be entirely justified, perhaps even conservative. The following case study demonstrates how much time and money you can save by using the CWT Work Table instead of manually applying graphics by hand.
cwt image

Quick Overview

The CWT is a flatbed application table that makes installing graphics faster and easier.

VIDEO:  How the CWT Table Works

Over the next few pages, you will review a hypothetical production situation that shows how much faster a CWT is compared to applications performed manually. Here is a snap shot of the results we produced:


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Labor Cost Savings Per Application

By using a CWT you can increase your output by 14 applications per hour and 112    applications per day.  This is a 233% increase in productivity.  You also save $2.10 per application – 70% savings.  Manual vs. CWT  (given that you charge customer $10 per application).

  • Manual:  6 applications per hour X $10 per application = $60 earned per hour for applications.
  • CWT:  20 applications per hour X $10 per application = $200 earned per hour for applications

Labor Costs per app

Monthly Increase in Output, Productivity and Earnings

If you give yourself the same labor budget of $2,880, you can produce 2240 more    applications per month.  This is a 233% increase in productivity.  If you charge your customer $10 per application, and you complete 2240 more applications in a given month, you would net an additional $22,400 for that month (233% increase).  If you purchased the CWT 1647 Table (15’5” x 5’3” – $22,340), this one month’s additional profit would pay for the table outright.

Monthly Increase

Cost Savings When Producing the Same Number of Applications per Month

If you assume a set demand of 960 applications per month, you will reduce your labor cost for the applications by $2,016 (70% lower cost).  At this savings rate, you would be able to pay off the CWT 1647 Table ($22,340) in 11.5 months.


Time Savings When Producing the Same Number of Applications per Day

Doing the work manually will take all day. Your application specialist will start at 8:00 AM and finish at 5:00 PM (with a 1 hour lunch).  If the specialist uses the CWT, they will finish the  applications at 10:24 AM, as the labor only takes 2 hours and 24 minutes (5 hours and 26  minutes in time savings – 70% labor time reduction).

By not paying for the additional 5 hrs and 26 minutes of labor, you are saving $97.20 on that day.  Over the course of a year (240 working days), you would save a total of $23,328 and you would be able to pay off a CWT 1647 Table ($22,340) in 11 months.

Not only do you eliminate the need for overtime, you have the opportunity to invest your saved time into additional production work, sales/marketing efforts, or other non-production related projects.  This also gives your schedule flexibility as you can bump up production time lines and create more available hours for your production team.


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